Pre-loved Instruments

Coronavirus and Acorn Instruments stock.

I have been asked more than once in the last few weeks about my stock of instruments and the transmission of Coronavirus.
I would like to inform customers that I do my best to minimise the risk to customers.
All new instruments has been in stock since well before the virus broke out in Italy
Most pre-loved instruments have also been in stock since before the virus appeared in the UK. The one instrument that came in lately was from a known customer and at this moment will not be put on sale

I hope this helps, Acorn Instruments are open for business but no office visits UPS are still delivering therefore I can still supply any stock instruments next day delivery subject to the carriers.

Click on an instrument name for more information, prices, photos and stock availability.

Pre-loved Castagnari Special
Pre-loved Castagnari Alain 12 DG
Pre-loved Castagnari Casta
Pre-loved Hohner C System accordion
Pre-loved Paolo Soprani Folk III GC
Pre-loved Castagnari Hascy
Pre-loved Castagnari Jilly
Pre-loved Castagnari Lilly
Pre-loved Castagnari Lilly
Pre-loved Castagnari Mory
Pre-loved Castagnari Tommy
Pre-loved Castagnari Tommy
Pre-loved Castagnari Tommy (Stock Picture)
Castagnari Trilly (Stock picture)