Pre-loved Instruments

Coronavirus and Acorn Instruments stock.

All instruments both new and pre loved are quarantined when they come to Acorn Instruments,they stay locked away for 10 days.

If you order for carrier delivery,I try to make it next day delivery,the instruments are in hard cases mostly and are placed in insulated package boxes which are all new,these carry boxes are then wrapped in cling film,which you can remove wearing gloves and face mask and discard safely.

The showroom is open as normal but STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT if you want to visit with the appropriate measures in place to protect you against Covid 19

Any instruments played are placed in quarantine.

Click on an instrument name for more information, prices, photos and stock availability.

Pre-loved Castagnari Benny ADG
Pre-loved Hohner C System accordion
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Pre-loved Castagnari Jilly
Pre-loved Castagnari Lilly
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Available shortly...
Castagnari Mory DG acc
Castagnari Mory DG acc (6 weeks old)
Castagnari Tommy DG
3x Castagnari Lilly DG
Castagnari Lilly CF
Castagnari Dinn III, BC
Castagnari Dinn III. C#D
Cairdin 3 voice BC
Castagnari Llary BC
Castagnari Trilly GC
Castagnari K2 chromatic accordion (reserved)
Dino Baffetti Black Pearl DG
Castagnari Giordy GC
Castagnari 1914 GC
Dino Baffetti Oakwood Binci