Castagnari Melodeons

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Castagnari Giordy (Maple)
Castagnari Lilly (Walnut)
Castagnari Clovis
Castagnari Tommy (Cherry)
Castagnari Jilly (Maple)
Castagnari Laura (Cherry)
Castagnari Benny (Cherry)
Castagnari Rik
Castagnari Benny Big 18
Castagnari Melodeon (Max)
Castagnari Sander Special
Castagnari Hascy (Walnut)
Castagnari Trilly (Padouk with figured Maple panels)
Castagnari Dinn II
Castagnari Mory (Walnut)
Castagnari Dony (Cherry)
Castagnari 1914
Castagnari Dinn III
Castagnari Handry 12
Castagnari Handry 18