Pre-loved Wheatstone Aeola Tenor Treble (189)

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Wheatstone Aeola Tenor Treble
Aeola bellows
Aeola bellows
Aeola Serial Number
Aeola Serial Number

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This concertina dates from 1928, in the very best period of Wheatstone manufacture.
• Octagonal raised nickel-plated metal ends, 56 keys, plus air release key.
• Riveted action, steel reeds in brass frames, new pads, new valves, tuned to concert pitch A=440.
• Original 6-fold bellows in excellent air-tight condition, probable original thumb straps, new wrist straps.
• Original leather-bound, internally blocked hard case in fair condition.

The concertina was checked over by David Elliott in December 2018 and declared to be sound and a fine instrument indeed. The reeds are clean and bright with no rust. Externally, there are a few very minor cosmetic blemishes and scratches and some slight loss of plating to the metal ends, as would be expected of an instrument of this age. It plays beautifully with an excellent response and that lovely, rounded Wheatstone sound typical of this period.

System: English
Buttons: 56
Reeds: Steel
Bellows: 6 folds
Ends: Metal