Pre-loved Wheatstone Aeola (136)

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Wheatstone Aeola
Wheatstone Aeola Bellows
Wheatstone Aeola Bellows
Wheatstone Aeola Case
Wheatstone Aeola Case

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Wheatstone Aeola English concertina, serial number 32642

6 fold bellows, Ebony ends, steel reeds. 48 buttons
Checked over by David Elliot with the comment "I have checked the tuning and is in tune with itself within a typical range of error,the average tuning is a little flat,about 2.5 cents.
I would not normally advise retuning for such a small error.
Instrument plays smoothly and sounds sweat as do chords"

Very nice instrument with nice tone,plays very easily both quietl and also very loud if required.

System: English
Buttons: 48
Reeds: Steel
Bellows: 6 folds
Ends: Ebony