Pre-loved Wheatstone Aeola (136)

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Wheatstone Aeola
Wheatstone Aeola Bellows
Wheatstone Aeola Bellows
Wheatstone Aeola Case
Wheatstone Aeola Case

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Wheatstone Aeola English concertina, serial number 32642

6 fold bellows, Ebony ends, steel reeds. 48 buttons
Checked over by David Elliot with the comment "I have checked the tuning and is in tune with itself within a typical range of error,the average tuning is a little flat,about 2.5 cents.
I would not normally advise retuning for such a small error.
Instrument plays smoothly and sounds sweat as do chords"

Very nice instrument with nice tone,plays very easily both quietl and also very loud if required.

12 Months Warranty

System: English
Buttons: 48
Reeds: Steel
Bellows: 6 folds
Ends: Ebony