Pre-loved Lachenal Excelsior (135)

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Lachenal Excelsior
Excelsior Bellows
Excelsior Bellows
Excelsior End
Excelsior End
Excelsior Case
Excelsior Case

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56 key Lachenal Excelsior English Concertina. number 24422
5 fold bellows, Ebony Ends, Steel Reeds 56 Key.
Green bellows with gold embosed decoration
Restoration work by Nigel Sture inc re-valve, re-pad, re-bush and tune to concert pitch.

A very nice instrument in excelent condition which plays really well.

12 Months Warranty

System: English
Buttons: 56
Reeds: Steel
Bellows: 5 folds
Ends: Ebony