Bellows and Buttons Tuition Weekend

September 2022

A social weekend of melodeon tuition and music, based in Stillington in the heart of rural North Yorkshire.


Information to follow nearer to the event.

Ability Levels

To ensure that you select the appropriate workshop for your playing ability please could you match your playing ability to the word models below, and indicate this on the booking form.
Absolute Beginner - This refers to anyone who has just started their melodeon playing journey.
Improver - Players who have some understanding of the D & G keys of their melodeon, some note and left hand chord names, can play a few tunes and have started to add left-hand chords to their playing.
Intermediate - Intermediate players could be considered to be those who know their way around the standard keys of their melodeons, where the right hand notes are, and the bases and chords on the left hand side. Control of rhythm and loud / softness and a basic understanding of harmonies and ornamentation would be usual, with an increased portfolio of tunes.
Accomplished - Fluent melodeon players, who understand the instrument, notes, chords and ornamentation, and who have also experimented in style, rhythm and can keep fair pace with an expanding portfolio of tunes.